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Choosing the right timber floor system

The type of timber floor system you choose will the result from a number of considerations;

1 what will look good and work well in your home 2 the suitability of the product for your home environment 3 the most appropriate type of installation process 4 the amount of money you are comfortable to commit to the timber floor

The following flooring systems all have different features that make them good options in different situations. We can help you with any of the following options;

Timber overlay

Timber overlay product is solid timber generally of a thickness between 10mm and 14mm. The most common thickness is 13mm. This is the most popular type of timber floor that is installed in homes today. Its key advantages are;

1 It looks fantastic and provides a traditional timber floor style for your home
2 It provides excellent value for money and can be re-sanded in the future providing a very long product life
3 It enables better use of timber resources by utilising less timber per m2 than a traditional 19mm T&G

There are two methods for installing timber overlay onto your floor;

It can be installed using the direct stick method (direct to concrete or other substrates) which is cost effective and results in the floor being a similar level to other floor coverings in your home such as carpet or tiles.

It can be installed using the plank on ply method which involves the fixing of a ply base to your floor. This ensures when the random length boards are glued and nailed the whole length of timber is sitting flat in the adhesive. This results in a structurally superior floor. The cost of this method is approximately $30 per m2 higher than the direct stick method which includes the cost of the materials and labour.

Overlay timber can be supplied in either a raw or pre-Finished format. The raw format is more common and generally results in a better looking final finish with less noticeable lines or gaps between individual boards. Prefinished boards however do provide a good looking finish and are more suitable for smaller areas where it may be difficult to get a sanding machine access. Sanding and coating of raw timber boards occurs after installation and generally takes around one week to complete, however prefinished timber flooring does not require this process and is ready to be walked on one day after installation.  

Traditional 19mm Solid T&G Timber Boards

19mm timber flooring is generally used in applications that require the floor to be installed onto joists where there is no concrete slab or similar substrate. Laying onto timber joists is the traditional installation method and can be found in many older homes. The 19mm thickness is required in this application process because of its structural properties.

With a trend towards wider timber boards in recent times it is becoming more common for wider boards profiles of 130mmx19mm or 180x19mm to be used in direct stick applications. This enables the wide board to be used and with the extra thickness, it helps reduce the movement of the timber. Wider timber boards come at a premium price however they provide and outstanding result in modern or contemporary designs. 



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