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Bamboo is a relatively new timber flooring product, however it now has a history of 10 plus years in Perth and throughout Australia which has enabled great learning about the features and what to be wary with this type of foor.

Strictly speaking bamboo is a grass rather than a timber, however the process used to manufacture bamboo into a flooring product produces a very robust hard wearing floor.

The process involves slicing bamboo stalks into thin strips, soaking the strips in a strong resin, pressing the resin coated strips into a large block, and then machining the bock into boards of smilar dimenions to engneered timber products. 

There are two main types of Bamboo flooring;

Compressed Solid Bamboo - This bamboo is the most common on the market. It is very strong, dense and hard wearing making it ideal for family homes. However it is important with compressed bamboo to know that this product is more prone to expansion and contraction than other tmber flooring products. For this reason compressed bamboo is generally only warranted if installed as a floating foor. This allows the floor to expand and contract in changing seasons without dramatically impacting the presentation of the floor. 

Engineered Bamboo -This prouct is produced in the same method as engineered timber wth several cross laminated layers of bamboo similar to a plywood construction. This prodvides a more stable floor less susceptible to exapansion and contraction. Engineered Bamboo is more expensive than compressed bamboo de to the additonal manufacturng process required. However this product is suitable fr a direct stick applicaton which will provide a quieter floor under foot.

Bamboo floors are now available in an ever growing range of colours as manufacturers continue to push the boundaries with stains an other processes to enhance the look of the product including "hand scraping" t give a more rustic feel to the product which is most effective. This product is installed as a prefinished foor meaning customers can wak on the foor as soonas it has been installed. 

Bamboo floors can be re-sanded and coated, however if the original product was stainedm the colour may be lost when the floor is re-sanded and coated.

Bosch Timber Floors present a strong range of Bamboo flooring products in both the compressed and engineered styles. 



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