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Blackbutt timber flooring sample in Perth

New England Blackbutt

New England Blackbutt is a very similar product to Coastal Blackbutt with the only real difference being that, over all the colour tones of this timber tend to be 1 to 2 shades darker than coastal blackbutt. New England Blackbutt is found primarily in the hinterlands of NSW and Queensland whilst as would be expected, Coastal Blackbutt grows primarily in the coastal plains of NSW and Queensland. Also known as New England Ash, it is similar in appearance yet not quite as durable as Blackbutt.

The heartwood is pale brown, while the sapwood is much paler in appearance. New England Blackbutt, or Eucalyptus Andrewsis as it's known under its botanical name, has an even texture and generally straight grain. There are sometimes pin holes and gum veins present in this type of timber, though the appearance of gum veins and pin holes are reduced in the higher grades of the timber.

Please do also be aware that colour presentation of this timber can vary from different timber mills so be sure to see a sample that is representative. Colour presentation of the timber will also change significantly between a solvent and a waterborne coating.

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