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What is the best way to look after my timber Floor?

Once your timber floor is installed it is important to make an effort to look after it and keep it looking good.
Prefinished timber floor products can be “lived on” virtually as soon as the installation has been completed.
Solid timber floors can be walked on once the final coat is dry (around 12 hours after coating) but full curing of the coating (hardening) will not occur for approximately 14 days and rugs should be not laid on the floor until after this period. In addition, the feet of all furniture must have felt pads or protectors applied. Heavy items of furniture need to be carefully positioned without dragging. Curtains or blinds should be used to protect floor areas from intense sunlight, whilst door mats are an effective means of trapping grit which can scratch floor surfaces. 
Seasonally, your floor will adjust to the climate and may show small shrinkage gaps at some board edges particularly during drier times of the year. It is important to be aware that if your home is locked up or empty for long periods, the risk of timber shrinkage is significantly increased as hot homes with no ventilation cause timber to lose moisture. Over time, both the floor finish and the timber exposed to light will change colour resulting in the floor appearance to be a different tone under rugs.
A regular cleaning program ensures that your floor remains in good condition. Anti-static mops are effective for collecting dust and grit, as are vacuum cleaners with appropriate attachments. Damp mopping approximately every 2 weeks provides an effective deep clean and when carried out with the recommended mild cleaners, will not harm the floor. Under no circumstances should steam mops be used on timber floors. With appropriate care you will enjoy your timber floor for many years.


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