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Do I need to acclimatise my timber?

Generally there is no requirement to acclimatise prefinished timber floors such as laminate flooring, bamboo, or engineered flooring. These products are supplied in sealed cartons and as such unless they are removed from the packaging, simply leaving them in the home environment will not have any impact. 
For solid timber floors acclimatisation is generally not required however in some instances it is beneficial. Kiln drying of solid timber now enables manufacturers to better supply timber at or close to the equilibrium moisture conditions of the average home in Perth. 
For most homes in the greater Perth area, timber will have an equilibrium moisture content (emc) of approximately 11%. This value will change slightly in different seasons. In winter it will be slightly higher and in summer slightly lower. 
For this reason, Bosch timber floors spot checks the moisture all timber in the warehouse before it is dispatched and ensures the moisture content of the timber is between 10 and 12%.This ensures the timber will be close to the likely emc value of the home environment when it is delivered and installed. 
On some occasions, acclimatisation is warranted as specific homes may have factors that influence the emc value. Examples of this include homes that are close to a large body of water such as the ocean or rivers, or locations in that maybe more prone to dryer conditions such as floors in upper levels of homes. When this is the case, the timber should be placed inside the home for a minimum of seven days to allow the timber moisture levels to move closer to the emc of the home environment. In this situation Bosch Timber Floors also recommends leaving the floor for 5 to 7 days between the installation and sanding and coating process so that if any movement in the floor does occur, it can be rectified during the sanding and coating process. 


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