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The DIY Flooring Process

There are two distinct processes to laying a timber floor in your home. The first is the installation of the timber onto the floor and the second is the sanding and coating process. The sanding and coating process is not required if you install an engineered timber floor, a prefinished timber floor or a laminate floor. The basic steps in laying your timber floor are as follows;


Preparation of your concrete slab or substrate, ensuring it is level, clean (free from chemicals) and suitable for the type of timber floor you are laying.

Application of a moisture barrier which is particularly important in new homes.

Apply timber to substrate as per manufacturer's instructions with a combination of adhesive and nails as required.

Sanding & Coating

Complete belt or drum sanding of floors to level the timber and open the timber grain.

Complete a flood fill or spot filling of the floor with an appropriate colour matched timber filling compound.

Complete rotary fine sanding of the timber floor back to a smoother finish closing the timber grain.

Apply sealer and top coats of the preferred coating (generally three coats in total) in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. For the best result a light rotary sand using a "screen back mesh" between coats ensures the better mechanical adhesion of the coats and a much better looking finished timber floor.

How can bosch timber floors help with your DIY project

We can supply you with the timber and everything else you need to install your floor including, moisture barriers, adhesives, floor finishes (solvent based, water based, and oils). We also have installation tools. We can also deliver these products to your home for a reasonable cost.

We can hire you sanding machines and supply all sanding paper to match.

We can give you advice on how best to go about your DIY project and which would be the most suitable products for your home.



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